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  • Big Brother, ITV1, ITV2, ITVX


Yinrun Huang hit our screens on the reboot of Big Brother , which aired on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX. She instantly became a fan-favourite due to her refreshing, kind-hearted nature and quirky mannerisms and quickly gained a passionate fanbase online. Since her time in the house, Yinrun was a returning guest on Celebrity Big Brother’s Late & Live show and has had several brand deals with brands including Hasbro, Pepsio and Skin + Me.

Yinrun originally hails from Shanghai, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. She then made the brave decision to leave her home in September 2021, to move to the UK, where she achieved a Master’s Degree in Pollution and Environmental Control at the University of Manchester.

Her passions include cooking, sustainability, travel, dogs, working with kids, and learning more about different people and cultures. Yinrun says moving to the UK was her first big adventure, entering the Big Brother house was her second, and that she hopes there will be many more adventures to come.