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Half Indian, half Irish, Tir Dhondy is a triple threat! An experienced producer, presenter & director with a passion for investigative journalism and documentary making.

With a wealth of experience working behind the scenes, Tir knows exactly what it takes to create a compelling story. It was at Vice Media where Tir stepped in front of the camera to make a series of hard-hitting documentaries. The first project she presented was an investigation into children buying drugs over Snapchat.

Tir loves being thrown into the deep end and investigating stories of criminality and human interest. One of her most successful documentaries that she presented was an investigation into Guerrilla Growers (a group of people who grow large farms of cannabis outside) hidden in plain sight.

With a passion for music and rave culture, Tir was granted her own series called 'Ravespotting' on Vice Media. Her documentary with Bradford's most famous rap group, 'The Bad Boy Chiller Crew' received over 26 million views. Other episodes of 'Ravespotting' include her investigation into illegal raves during lockdown and attending a scientific experiment - one of the first live music events since Covid-19 in Germany...

Tir also produces music videos in her spare time and loves to do crazy things! One of the highlights of her career so far, was when she spent a weekend in a cave in Spain, in a Mars simulation, and learnt what it would be like to live on Mars!

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Inside a Weed Farm Hidden in Plain Sight – VICE

Inside London’s Illegal lockdown Raves – VICE

How People Are Partying Online During Lockdown – VICE

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