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Half Indian, half Irish Tir Dhondy is a triple threat! Tir has a wealth of experience behind and in front of the camera: Presenting, Producing and Directing. Tir has a passion for investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking. She loves being thrown into the deep end and investigating stories of criminality and human interest.

It was in 2020 when Tir made her appearance in front of the camera - an investigation into Children Buying drugs over Snapchat which currently has nearly 4 million views on Youtube. This was for Vice Media’s hit series, High Society.

Since then, Tir has fronted many of the High Society films. Her investigation into Guerrilla Growers (a group of people who grow large farms of cannabis on the side of a motorway) received over 3 Million views.  Most recently, Tir Produced and Presented a documentary on Gravers - The UK's Geriatric Ravers. - A film about the ageing population in the UK who still take recreational drugs. This film was another hit, and has over 4 million views on Youtube.

With a passion for music and rave culture, Tir was granted her own series called 'Ravespotting' on Vice Media. Her documentary with Bradford's most famous rap group, 'The Bad Boy Chiller Crew' received over 26 million views across platforms. Other episodes of 'Ravespotting' include her investigation into illegal raves during lockdown and attending a scientific experiment - one of the first live music events since Covid-19 in Germany.

Tir’s most recent film on the Thieves using Snapchat and Instagram to rob Influencers went viral. Tir managed to secure Kim Kardashian’s robber to do his first exclusive interview outside France. The story was picked up by many major press outlets: The Independent,Buzz Feed,Padade, LA Times, Daily Mail, Tyla, TMZ, NY Post, Yahoo News, International The News, Fox News. The film has garnered nearly 4 million views in less than a month. 

Tir has a one-hour full length documentary coming out later this year. In the film she spent 2 + weeks in a conscious tantric sex community in Koh Phangan, Thailand. This has been Tir’s most ambitious and impressive work to date.


Tir is constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas. Her main strength is gaining access to untold stories and being able to tell them in a relatable way. Tir can bring younger audiences to channels with her ideas and perspective.

CV Highlights

  • The UK’s Oldest Sesh Heads: Gravers | High Society – 4.2 million views on Vice
  • Inside a Secret Weed Farm Hidden in Plain Sight | High Society – 3.5 million views on Vice
  • Buying Drugs Over Snapchat| High Society – 3.9 million views on Vice
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