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Souleyman Bah is a young para-athlete and popular motivational speaker, known for breaking down barriers since he won the Gold Medal for the 100- metre race at the Junior Paralympic Games in Brazil 2015.

Completing the sprint in just 11.87 seconds, Souleyman wanted to prove blind people can run fast and succeeded! He has a rare eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which affects the retina at the back of his eye, consequently reducing his eyesight to just tunnel vision in his left eye. He is currently training for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games and refuses to let his disability prevent him from pursuing his goals...

After conquering the sports world, Souleyman discovered there weren’t any other disabled business role models out there, so he decided to become one. He made TV history by becoming the first disabled candidate for The Apprentice 2019. He also launched Vision Beyond Sight, a national public speaking company that inspires young people and corporate clients to promote the wellbeing of physical and mental health in the workplace. He regularly does motivational talks in schools across the country, breaking the stereotype towards the limitations of disabilities and is also an Ambassador for the True Athlete Project and RSBC (Royal Society for Blind Children.)

He recently appeared on Channel 4’s The Undatetables to show the softer side behind his sportsmanship and business head, and intends to continue becoming a heard voice and positive attitude for what he represents. His life motto is “The less sight I have, the more imagination I gain, because what you see is what you see and what you don’t see is when the magic begins.”

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  • The Apprentice 2019
  • The Undateables
  • Gold Medalist for the 100- metre race at the Junior Paralympic Games in Brazil
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