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  • Newsround, CBBC
  • Morning Live, BBC
  • Life Hacks, BBC Radio 1


Shanequa Paris is a young Broadcaster with a talent for making news and current affairs accessible and engaging to audiences of all ages.
A regular presenter on BBC’s news programme Newsround, she has reported on key issues such as the BLM protests, the global pandemic and numerous football world cups across the globe. She’s previously worked for BBC Teach, talking about her own experience of coming from a family who are part of the Windrush generation, as well as episodes on the ‘subnormal’ schools in the 1970’s, and the Black Power Movement.
Shanequa co-hosts BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks, where she and Lauren Layfield help to navigate each other through life. With the help of expert guests and the UK listeners, they tackle complicated issues together. Featuring on BBC Morning Live, Shanequa has reported on issues that affects UK households. She is a regular host for the Bafta roadshows and in 2020, she vlogged her allotment journey with the aim to produce home grown fruit and veg! She has also hosted events and appeared on panels including Birmingham Public Service Day, Black History at the MAC, Dope Vibes, Cambridge University, Reclaim Charity and the BBC 1Xtra ‘Inspire me tour’.