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Seán Burke is an Irish comedian, writer, actor and presenter. He was part of the Radio 1 cast for comedy sketch show ‘What is Music Videos?’ on BBC iPlayer.

Sean hosts Channel 4’s ‘Hollywood Hijack’, an online comedy series based around celebrity interviews. His quirky and unique interview style saw Emily Blunt agree to go on a date with him and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson call him “A Really Funny Guy”.

With a passion to entertain and make people laugh, Seán first made his foray into comedy by uploading videos of his impressions and sketches to his own YouTube channel. Word quickly started to spread with his channel which gained a following of almost 100,000 subscribers and over 6 million views. He also became the head writer/performer for ‘Dream Team FC’, a football comedy site with over 3 million followers.

In 2017, he was a winner of the ‘Comedy Chorts’ competition, for his character creation, ‘Danny K’, an idiotic, sell-out Youtuber...

Seán is a regular on RTE comedy show, ‘The Republic of Telly’, and was also a cast member of RTE’s ‘Callans Kicks’, a satirical sketch show.

CV Highlights

  • New comedy sketch series for RTÉ2 – Coming late 2022
  • Untitled Feature Film – Coming 2023
  • SportBible
  • Dream Team FC writer/performer, Online
  • ‘Callans Kicks’ cast member, RTE


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