Samantha Murray

Lancashire born Samantha Murray, is a double Olympian & World Champion in Modern Pentathlon. The defining moment in her career came at the 2012 Olympics when she took home a Silver Medal. Sam graduated from the University of Bath just 1 year after her Olympic medal success aged 22, with a BA in French and Politics. This led her to live in Rome for a year and become a confident multi-lingual, she now resides in Bath.

Championing female sport and empowerment, Sam is passionate about using sport to encourage and facilitate role models for young people of all backgrounds. In 2016 she fronted a documentary called ‘Camps to Champs’ for the Olympic Channel, where she visited the first ever Refugee Olympic Team who competed in the Olympic games in Rio.

Since her Olympic performance, Sam has also visited over 50 schools across the country inspiring others and spreading that message.

Her charm and personality thrust her to become a spokesperson for Team GB on the lead up to the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games; featuring in press, TV and radio commercials. Finding her voice in front of the camera, she went on to both present and feature as a guest for Radio and TV on BBC, BT Sports, Discovery, Sky, ITV, Team GB and the Olympic Channel...

For the Silver Medalist, with five sports making up the Modern Pentathlon, Sam is a confident commentator on; fencing, swimming, equestrian, running and shooting. She is also huge sports fan with a keen interest and knowledge in; football, netball and motor sports.

Sam is passionate about cooking and maintaining a healthy balanced life. A sophisticated writer, she has published blogs for the Huffington Post and featured in newspapers and magazines such as Women’s Health and Men’s Fitness.

Charity work is very important to Sam and she is currently a key ambassador for the Olympic charity ‘Peace and Sport’. In 2018, she was invited to speak at the United Nations on behalf of the International Olympic Committee about the need to continue and increase investment in sport and the positive impact sport has on the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

CV Highlights

  • Olympic Silver Medal holder in Modern Pentathlon (fencing, swimming, equestrian, running and shooting)

  • Presented ‘Camps to Champs’ Documentary

  • Spoke at United Nations on behalf of the International Olympic Committee

  • Fluent in Italian and French

  • Published blogs for the Huffington Post


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