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  • Restless Natives Podcast, Global


Broadcast, journalist and whisky fanatic Gordon Smart and actor and self-proclaimed blagger Martin Compston have been best pals for 15 years, travelling the world together and making mischief wherever they go. From the fields of music festivals to the desert in Utah via a failed attempt to find George Michael’s after party during the London Olympics, their scrapes are often sublime, but always ridiculous. Just like their idols, the Clown and The Wolfman from cult movie Restless Natives, they are notorious Scotsmen.

This double act carved out a reputation through their respective careers in film, TV, newspapers and radio. This podcast is an exploration of their friendship, family and the mad lives they lead between London, Scotland and Las Vegas. Whilst packed with copious amounts of high jinx, it’s also an exploration of fame, coping as parents and husbands; it’s about health, wealth and finding happiness through adversity, plus their masterplan to launch their own business.

Each week they’ll call upon their black book of contacts and wise advisors to seek help with their latest ambitious quest, which will hopefully be more successful than Martin’s gnome-selling venture. For years they have been riding a number of horses with only two arses. Are they about to fall off? Is DS Arnott more of a cowboy than a cop? Or is this going to be the perfect rodeo? Restless Natives: The Podcast, is your front row seat.

Martin said: “Just what the world doesn’t need. Another actor with a podcast! In all seriousness, we’ve been talking for too long about doing this, now it’s actually happening. In the true spirit of the original film, we’ve got big dreams and ideas, now it’s time to get going. I’m so excited about it.”

Gordon adds: “I am shamelessly riding on the coat tails of a national treasure. That said, without me, Martin would never have been voted Scotland’s Most Stylish Man in 2014. Let’s hope that kind of successful partnership continues and we’re still pals at Christmas.”