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Penny Lamb is a fun loving, fresh faced, Scottish garden designer and bespoke furniture maker from Glasgow, who has an authentic love for the great outdoors and all things nature. Its only when Penny fires up her chainsaw and heads for the condemned tree, do you realise she’s not your average lady!

Penny can be currently seen co-hosting Channel 5’s new series Filthy Garden: SOS; transforming Britain’s most disastrous gardens.

Passionate about climate change and sustainability, Penny launched Wild Bee, a landscaping, gardening and furniture business which support local wildlife, its founding principal, to give back to nature.  She matches 5% of every customer’s spend on planting wild -flowers and trees to attract the birds, bees and the butterflies, to enable a haven of wildlife in the garden she is working on.

Combining her love of garden design and making furniture, she fuses her various talents into an indoor and outdoor lifestyle.