Matt Pritchard


 The former front man of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez, Matt has left his pranking days behind for his love of vegan food, health and fitness, and being an advocate for men’s mental health.

Matt’s cooking series, Dirty Vegan, premiered on BBC1 Wales to wide acclaim, coinciding with his successful vegan cookbook of the same name. Following the brand’s success, Matt released a second book Dirty Vegan: Another Bite which was followed by a second instalment of the TV series, encouraging the public to try out Veganuary and lead healthier lifestyles...

Swapping pranking for endurance sports has seen Matt take part in some of the most extreme sporting challenges, including breaking a world record for completing thirty half Iron Man events in 30 days, raising thousands of pounds for charity in the process, and completing a 487-mile triathlon in just 14 days.

A professional skateboarder and stunt performer, Matt also owns Sleep When You’re Dead Tattoo & Barber shop in Cardiff and dog-grooming salon Lemmy’s Chop Shop, named after his beloved springer spaniel.

CV Highlights

  • ‘Dirty Vegan’, BBC 1 Wales
  • Published book, ‘Dirty Vegan’ with Octopus Books
  • Holds the Half an Ironman a Day for 30 Days World Record
  • Dirty Vegan Products
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