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Mark O’Sullivan and Miles Chapman

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Mark O’Sullivan and Miles Chapman are comedy writer performers whose 5-part series Lee and Dean will be released on Channel 4 in 2018. The improvised comedy is centered around the bromance of Stevenage based builders Lee and Dean and will feature “cheap builds, cheap lager, break ups and bad poetry.” Mark will direct and Miles will produce via their fledgling indie Bingo Productions.

Mark and Miles’ first self-devised comedy Flavours was commissioned for Channel 4’s Comedy Blaps in 2014 after Channel 4 had seen Mark and Miles’ short film on YouTube. Flavours features original characters Delphine and Victor and Brent and Grant and was produced by Retort, script-edited by Simon Blackwell (Veep, The Thick of It, Peep Show), directed by Al Campbell (Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, Bad Education) and produced by Jon Macqueen (PhoneShop).

As well as writing and performing their own material, the duo has written for and performed in other TV and film projects such as Morgana Robinson’s The Agency (BBC2), The Javone Prince Show (BBC2) and David Brent: Life on the Road...

Mark and Miles have been writing comedy together since spending an entire O’Sullivan/Chapman family holiday pretending to be terminal hypochondriac sisters-in-law Jean and Vi, much to their wives’ (and children’s) bemusement. Vi started tweeting moments from her life in 2010, and quickly caught the attention of the some of the UK’s most popular tweeters, including Caitlin Moran, Emma Freud, Stephen Mangan and Charlie Higson. From her humble bungalow, Vi introduced twitter to her ridiculously wonderful world and was then developed into a pilot script with Pozzitive Productions and Geoff Posner (Little Britain).

Miles and Mark continue to make their own short films, featuring them playing more of their strange (and strangely recognisable) characters. Funny, sad and thought provoking, they explore the awful truths and triumphs of the everyday. Tuesday and Anniversary chronicle the beige, mundane life of Yvonne, her Alzheimer’s-ridden Mum, and her relationship with thoughtless, apathetic lump of a husband, Ray.

As well as working together, they do stuff separately because the other one DOESN’T OWN THEM, ALRIGHT?

Mark was originally an actor, then a teacher, then a filmmaker, then a writer. He has developed and written stuff for TV and stage with Steve Thompson (Sherlock, Dr Who). Mark’s play ‘Bedtime Stories/Four Walls’ was developed by the Bush Theatre. As well writing and performing, Mark directs the duo’s own short films.

Miles is a drummer, and was in one of the first – and most unsuccessful – Britpop bands, ‘Pimlico’. He still plays – mainly with his band the Red Inspectors. He’s also a big foodie, has written articles for food magazines, restaurant reviews for guides, and makes a fabulous cassoulet. Former head of comedy at Channel 4 Phil Clarke thinks he gives the best female impersonation he’s seen in years. Get her

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