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Louise is one of the leading dog behaviourist and trainers in the UK, working hard to help owners understand their best friends in a friendly, fun but no nonsense manner.

Louise released a book in November 2021 titled The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read where she tackles everything from bringing the right dog home, understanding body language and breed behaviour, responding to common behavioural issues, to the toys and games that you and your dog will both love.

Her firm but fair attitude has seen her become the BBC expert on dogs. We recently saw the return of "12 Puppies & Us" on BBC2, following "Six Puppies and Us," "Choose the Right Puppy" and "10 Puppies and Us" which all see Louise guide British households as they take on their first puppy.

Being top in her field she responds to news coverage as it happens for outlets such like; News, the Daily Telegraph, Grazia and The Times and acted as the recent Ambassador for Rover's 'The Dog People' Panel.

Louise attended a convent all-girls school where working with dogs was not an option! After a period of time working in the toy industry she decided to follow her dream and created The Darling Dog Company in 2009 – working with clients and their dogs across London...

Since then she has been in India working with street dogs, created a programme engaging youth offenders and rescue dogs and wrote a book called Dog About Town – How to Raise a Happy Dog in the City.

CV Highlights

  • Leading dog behaviourist and trainer
  • Book: The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read
  • Puppies and Us, BBC 2
  • Founder of the Darling Dog Company – thedarlingdogcompany.co.uk
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