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Katrina is one of the industry’s most exciting and fresh new talents broadcasting nationally alongside the likes of Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Heart Radio. Just as lively and enthusiastic behind the mic as she is in person or in front of the camera, her real passion in presenting lies with connecting with people from different walks of life.

Katrina makes an ideal candidate to discuss matters of sustainability and intentional living, having discovered minimalism she decided to take a more simplistic approach to life and now lives off grid on her 55ft narrowboat.  Katrina’s passions are highly based in alternative thinking, adventures and the outdoors.  Since moving onto a narrow boat and rethinking everyday life, it inspired her to reassess other areas of life – what else could be done differently?  This led to the creation of her sustainability Podcast with Global (sponsored by Giff Gaff) -‘The Rethinkers’. In each episode Katrina is joined by an expert and takes a different aspect of life or society that we take as standard and get a fresh perspective. Whether that’s rethinking periods, consumerism or ethnicity- she covers it all! Katrina has a particular interest in sustainable fashion, normalising second hand clothing on her socials and continues to work in association with Oxfam UK as a true ‘slow fashion advocate’; from creating online content to collating her own ‘second hand edit’ for them earlier this year.

Katrina has worked with numerous highly regarded Brands, in particular interviewing Chefs and Explorers for National Geographic and fronting Aston Martin’s new Campaign pushing for Formula 1 to be more all-inclusive. Katrina’s strong academic background and interest in business ethics meant that she was sought out to investigate and launch Unilevers new, more socially and environmentally conscious Global marketing strategy, speaking to CEO’s and world marketing leaders.  She is currently the sole talent working with Unilever on year three of their marketing strategy documentary.

Katrina also has a unique insight into the world of entertainment, having originally trained as a Dancer, she spent years touring internationally with West End Show ‘Thriller Live’ and backing dancing for popstars such as Take That, Olly Murs and Busted. Due to her extensive travels for work, including living in China for 6 months and mountain shoots in Switzerland, Katrina has developed a passion for travelling and experiencing life in different cultures. She also has a strong background in modelling, shooting for multiple brands worldwide – John Frieda, The North Face, and Arcteryx just to name a few.