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Astrologer Hagan Fox has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying numerical systems and numerical behaviour to devise a universal - yet unique - system, which is designed to understand human dynamics.

In the UK, Hagan has captivated TV audiences on some of the nation’s highest-rating daytime shows, using his unique method to surprise some of the country’s best-loved stars and their audiences. He has most recently been seen on MTV, ‘Loose Women’ and ITV’s highest-rating daytime show, ‘This Morning’. In 2022, Hagan also became a contributor to Wylde Moon with the launch of Wylde Astrology publishing monthly articles outlining the astrological goings on of that month.

Having studied astrology since he was 15 years old, Hagan was initially tutored by his father (an accomplished astrologer himself). Coining the phrase ‘numerical psychology’, Hagan approaches astrology from a scientific base. By using the principles of Eastern and Western astrology to create a mathematical system comprising 1440 different characters, a staggering 2,172,600 one-to-one human dynamics are generated. With such innate knowledge, Hagan has access to every one of these dynamics at the click of a finger, giving him insight into the way in which individuals interact with others, in a way never seen before...

A-List celebrities, including Simon Cowell, Jude Law, Richard E Grant and Daniel Craig, have had their personal astrological profiles mapped out by Hagan to determine their own positive and negative characteristics and traits, in addition to how compatible they are in personal relationships.

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