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Dr Zoe Williams – Medical Doctor/GP, Media Personality, Fitness and Physical Activity Expert, Motivational Speaker and Gladiator Amazon!

Doctor – Zoe graduated from Medical school in 2007, with recognition for high achievement. She has gained experience in many specialist fields within medicine including A&E, Cardiology, Respiratory and Acute medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She currently practices as an NHS General Practitioner in London.  Her specialist interests include preventative medicine, sports medicine and tackling chronic health thorough lifestyle measures such as healthy eating and physical activity. She is clinical lead of Public Health England’s GP clinical champion network and also leads on work to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle with The Royal College of General Practitioners.

Media – Zoe is resident doctor on ITV’s popular daytime show ‘This Morning’. She has presented across the BBC network, including BBC News broadcast, ‘Horizons’ and ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’.  She specializes in debunking the confusing world of medicine, in a fun and entertaining way. As a GP she is fluent in all subjects relating to health, and is respected within the medical world as an expert in the fields of physical activity, obesity and lifestyle...

Fitness – Zoe is a fitness expert. She has competed in numerous sports at high level including Athletics and Premiership level Rugby Union. In 2009 Zoe teamed up with professional rugby player, Spencer Davey, to develop the first ever celebrity run Bootcamp in the North-East of England, ‘Naturally Fit’.

Gladiators – Zoe was selected from thousands of athletes to be ‘Amazon’ on Sky 1’s Gladiators. She was able to demonstrate her athleticism and strength and remains undefeated.

Sportsgirls and Fit4Life – Zoe’s passion in life is to help people achieve and maintain good health through exercise and physical activity. This is nevermore true than with children. In 2009 she founded the organisation ‘Sportsgirls’, which aims to increase the physical activity of teenage girls by inspiring, educating and motivating they to be healthier and more active. In 2013 workshops were also developed for boys and the organisation was renamed Fit4Life.

Writer/Consultant – Zoe has written for numerous publications on the topics of health, fitness and diet and has consulted for various nutrition and sports brands such as Justslim, Innocent (smoothie) and Maximuscle.

Zoe’s unique combination of skills and achievements combined with her likeable, outgoing, down-to earth personality, make her an authentic and credible asset. Her ambition is to continue to combine her dedication to medicine, her passions for health and fitness and her career in media and she is always delighted to hear about new opportunities.

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  • This Morning, ITV
  • Trust Me I’m A Doctor, BBC 1
  • Make Me Younger, BBC 1
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