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Dr Oscar is passionate about the fusion of medicine and media, expertly picking apart the complex science to reveal the human story that hides behind every disease or condition.

Born with the genetic condition of AlbinismOscar understands first hand the challenges faced by patients with disease and disability. Showing that charm, determination and drive can get you anywhere, he believes medicine should empower those with disease to achieve their ultimate goals and surpass their wildest dreams. Oscar is a dynamic and inspirational speaker at both schools and conferences.

Oscar’s latest project saw him embark on a personal journey to Tanzania, a country with one of the highest rates of Albinism in the world. Here, he explored the shocking truth behind how people with the condition are treated, in the insightful and harrowing BBC2documentary Born Too White. The programme raises awareness of the daily discrimination the locals face, often resulting in mutilation and in extreme cases, murder. Their body parts are believed to harvest magical healing powers, made into potions by ‘witch doctors’ then sold on to wealthy professionals for a small fortune...

The programme received an overwhelming response with many viewers offering the community gifts to help improve their quality of life, as well as encouraging other people with albinism to be open and proud of their condition.

Oscar also featured in Channel 4’s hit documentary series 24 Hours in A&E, bringing his combination of humour, intelligence and warmth to our screens.

Oscar graduated from medical school in 2010 and has worked in everything from the emergency department to an inpatient addictions unit; a transplant centre to the UK’s busiest sexual health clinic. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, has a Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine and a Diploma in Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health

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  • Born Too White, BBC2
  • 24 Hours in A and E, Channel 4
  • The Surgery, Radio 1
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