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Dan Schreiber is a writer, stand-up comedian, TV presenter, producer, podcaster, and wannabe Yeti hunter. You can currently hear Dan’s transatlantic tones swilling around the top of the iTunes podcast chart as he hosts QI derived fact-based comedy No Such Thing As A Fish, including on a live nationwide tour throughout the UK. Dan recently signed a book deal with HarperCollins for a brilliantly original investigation into the world’s most intriguing ideas, The Theory of Everything Else, which will be published in Autumn 2022. A collection of some of the world’s most mind-boggling, thought-provoking, goosebump-raising theories to have been proposed by the people of Earth.

The highly successful No Such Thing As A Fish podcast vocalises the fluent, comedic relationships between four of BBC QI’s fact finders, known affectionately by Stephen Fry and the show’s vast fan base as ‘QI Elves’. The fact discussion show launched accidentally when a test pilot Dan co-created was leaked by a fan, the move stunned the team when it immediately found a place at number one in the iTunes chart. The podcast has remained firmly in the top ten ever since... except the week Dan forgot to upload the show.

NSTAAF was deservedly picked up by BBC2 for a television adaptation, which Dan co-created, entitled, No Such Thing As The News. The successful programme explores the lighter side of current affairs, often affairs we didn’t even realise were current, which spins the facts off into a fascinating indulgence of hilarious knowledge. Dan also co-wrote the book versions of the podcast The Book Of The Year in 2017, 2018 and 2019 with his fellow QI Elves.

Dan made his Edinburgh Fringe debut in 2014 to near sell-out audiences across the run and cemented his passions on the industry with C*ckblocked From Outer Space. A rich, hilarious exploration of his inner dork, Dan passionately tackled his comedically, wild imaginings on Yetis, Astronauts, secret meetings with conspiracy theorists, Neanderthal erotica, paranormal dating websites, public lice hunters, the 300 years of history which may never have happened, endangered ghosts and the cover up of an intergalactic space war to name a few...

Channel 4 picked up on his theory passions and commissioned a documentary entitled The Great UFO Conspiracy with Dan at the helm. The show saw him excitedly delve into a variety of theorist discussions from crop circles and extra-terrestrial sightings, to living with aliens amongst us. Dan’s television roles always balance between comedy and science, with a keen interest in discussion and always leaning on the celebratory side of topics. Dan is truly at home whilst interviewing and is as comfortable debating with his fellow QI Elves as he is with national museum curators, nobel prize winners, astronauts, rogue scientists, even the ex-head of the British Navy and errm... Yeti experts.

Dan was a child of travel. Born in Hong Kong, he is fluent in Mandarin, although it wasn’t until adulthood that he realised his school nickname translated to 'testicles'. He spent his teens in Australia and moved to England at just 19, where he became a question writer for the BBC TV series QI. It was here that he unwittingly began to build the foundations of his encyclopaedic knowledge of facts, which has gone on to form the unique focus of his comedy niche and career foundation.

Alongside Blackadder and QI producer John Lloyd, Dan co-created and produced BBC Radio 4’s highly successful and long running series ‘The Museum of Curiosity’. Hosted by Lloyd, the show has starred a rich crop of comedy talent including Bill Bailey, Dave Gorman, Sean Lock, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican and Noel fielding as guest hosts. The Radio Times review stated “It will make you laugh as much as it will make you think. Pornography for the brain!”.

Dan’s extensive repertoire of behind-the-scenes credits, include producing Frank Skinner’s new comedy panel show ‘The Rest is History’, heading up Warner Music Entertainment’s comedy arm, executive producing a short Christmas movie entitled ‘A Kitten for Hitler’ with cult director Ken Russell, being a joke collector for Jimmy Carr’s book ‘The Naked Jape’, producing a comedy animation project with Paul McCartney and creating an RDF/Channel Dave pilot starring astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He was also involved in executive producing on ‘Imagine That!’, the internationally bestselling stand-up DVD starring Rhys Darby, in which Dan also produced the extras and had a cameo in the show; Sharon Horgan reviewed one of Rhys’ and Dan’s collaborations as “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”…. the list goes on.



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